The aim to this audio production was to produce a radio trailer for a radio programme. The radio trailer must be exactly one minute long demonstrating an understanding of audio production; such as composing recording and editing. The piece was to include original music (composed), voice over’s, a script and sound effects. The radio trailer had to employ a range of appropriate audio recording, editing and processing techniques and then mixed to produce a stereo master.


In our first few lessons we listened to different type of adverts; to see how different radio stations advertise their programs. I looked at:

  • Galaxy
  • Viking FM
  • Radio 1

We were also shown how to use Adobe Audition Audio Editing software and Zoom H2 Portable recorders. In one of the lessons we borrowed Zoom H2 Portable recorders to record our voices. Our group tested out the sound effects of recording indoors and outdoors and we were practising with the volume as well.

The Group Work

After discussing various options our group came to the decision that our radio trailer should be about a new comedy breakfast show. This will include interesting celebrities and good music.

Our group consisted of me, Victoria, Anna, Michelle and Ahmad. As a group we discussed and tried to come up with ideas that fitted us not just as individuals but also as a group. Our radio trailer was aimed at adult audience, of which the show would be scheduled to air every weekday morning at 7 am.

The name of the radio station had to be quite prominent within the advert; so it would communicate to the listener that it was a combination with the station and to brand the station properly.  So everyone gave their responses for the radio station names and we finally decided to call it WAB WAB FM109. We called our show “Wickedly Awesome Breakfast Show” and came up with the idea of repeating the word “Wickedly Awesome” more then once so the audience can catch the name of our show and start listening to it.

Then we made our script together based on our choices and ideas, me, Victoria, Anna and Michelle wrote the script after doing our research. We decided who would take which role whether it was composer, editor, recorder or speaker etc. First we test recorded our radio trailer and by doing this we found out the advert would sound more attention-grabbing if two people’s voices were used.

Beth and Michelle was the chosen speaker of the group so after getting the recording we needed we transferred them into the computer and began to edit the clips on Adobe Audition Audio. Each voice recording was on its own track and recorded by different people, so it was necessary to adjust the volume level. This was done by using a volume adjustment tool.  

In the editing stages me, Michelle, Beth and Ahmad tried to contribute together so everyone did a fair job. We were responsible for editing the sound clips together, changing the pitch/volume level, removing any unwanted sounds or pauses form the recordings, and adding effects to the clips like echo and bell effects to give the radio trailer a more professional sound. We were also cutting them down by using edit mode; if any of the clips had clicks or pops in them, they were edited in audacity and the effect normalise was added to remove the unwanted sound. The lengths of the pauses between each clip were carefully thought out as well.

Presenter information

Our DJ’s were called Jemima & Beatrice and our special guest was soap star Adam Rickett. We also included a website which is and the audience furthermore had the opportunity to send the breakfast show pictures and messages on Facebook / MySpace and Twitter.


I think the final piece sounded good and the whole trailer was assembled well together and we were very happy with it as a group. We also published it in Adobe Audition as a file so that we were able to burn it to a CD.

The first problem we had was we lost our recorded clips because we didn’t save them properly onto the computer. So to solve this problem we ended up using the back- up system to try and find them again.

Another problem we had was none of us knew how to use Adobe Audition Audio Editing software so this took us longer to edit our radio trailer. Therefore to overcome this problem we all worked together as a team and tried to work out how to use the software by each others help. Everyone in or group was working towards a common goal and small contributions lead us to solve the problem.

Over all I think the project could have gone better but another major problems was with certain people not turning up and not doing their work. I think the only way our radio trailer could have been improved was if we met up as a group more often when everybody was available. We could have finished our trailer in plenty of time before so then we would have more time to write our individual reports. Otherwise then that, I like my finished product and have learnt a lot from using Adobe Audition Audio Editing software. 


This report concludes the radio trailer which demonstrated and showed understanding of audio production; such as composing recording and editing. We were shown how to use Adobe Audition Audio Editing software which was very useful. Our radio trailer was about a new breakfast show.

The weakness of this radio trailer would be that it got no extra visual support; so it would be harder for people to remember the show and people might even change the frequency when the advert would come on. However the strength would be that it would reach everywhere because quit a lot of people listen to radio; giving it a huge advantage above print media.



Wickedly Awesome Breakfast Show!!!

Car alarms, bells, alarm clocks, clocks, explosions

Make sure you wake up every weekday morning at 7 am for the WAB show with wickedly awesome DJs Jemima & Beatrice. They’re proper bang tidy, playing Los Campesinos, Adam Green, 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster, Frank Turner and At the driving. 

Special guest soap star c-lister Adam Rickett talking about his major comeback into the limelight portraying Osama Bin Laden in controversial west end surprise smash Terrorist in a damp dark cave.

Introducing the wickedly awesome Geneva Fox whose been out all night hitting all the best clubs, backstage with mid- level touring bands.

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