The Brief

The aim to this photo-essay is to produce a photographic essay exploring a subject chosen, comprising 5 to10 images.  The purpose of the images can be to educate or entertain or inform.

My proposal

For my photo- essay I am going to produce a photographic essay about my chosen subject which is Hull Fair. I chose Hull Fair because every year I attend it and the reason for Hull Fair happening is to conserve and improve Hull’s different culture and encourages the local community to identify and celebrate its unique tradition.


Before I took any photographs for my chosen subject, we learned few things like how to use a camera and its basic functions such as aperture which determines how much light enters the camera and aperture also adjust to change the depth of field. We also looked at ISO which finds out how sensitive the image sensor is to light. Additionally we learned about shutter speed which decides the duration the sensor is exposed to light. We furthermore went through how to use Photoshop.

In order to progress my chosen subject I had to carry out some research of different photographers. So I researched a photographer called John Comino James. I photographed a variety of subjects which were being put up and taken down. They were somewhat in the style of many of John Comino James photographs in a book called Fairground attraction. The subject are essentially at the centre of the frame with little negative space around them because, the subject is taken in long-shots and mid-shots. However, if my photograph were taken in an extreme close-up, the meaning of my photograph would change due to the certain detailed information on the subject so that they probably would no longer relate to John Comino James.


At first I decided to produce a journey from the beginning to an end of Hull Fair. My idea was to take photograph of Hull Fair rides being put up and taken down.  I was planning to put 10 images together which tells a story.

I used one song lyric in every photograph to represent emotions of people who attend Hull Fair. It was called “Having fun” by Aly and Aj. Each photograph will represent different emotion. This will be done by experimenting in Adobe Photoshop.

The first thing I did was to go to Hull Fair before it got opened and I took some photographs of rides being put up in different angles. The quality of my photographs is different to each other because the 1st photograph is black and white and I put strong bright colours on it which made it look very unique. This shows a specific composition of my photographs and John Comino James photographs because he did black and white photographs too. I just made my photograph black and white and mixed colour with it so it looks different and similar at the same time which created timeless mood. I changed the contrast to high contrast in Photoshop to make it look more professional.  The lyrics I used here was “Oohh come on now” to tell the builders to do it fast because us people are excited for Hull Fair to open. This photograph shows builders putting up Hull Fair.

I continued to use black and white method in my second photograph because I was trying to do my photographs like his work; so his pictures and my photographs merge into one photograph. I was trying to develop a keen sense of change in my work.  The reason for the way my second photograph looks was based on John Comino James influenced me and I tried taking photograph like him. I liked the different way that his framing of his subject emphasised their qualities.  I did auto contrast on this one to make it look more effective.  The lyrics I used here was “You know you can do it all you have to do is try”, which related to my photographs because it shows a mid-shot of a builder trying to build the Hull Fair.

The next step was to get pictures of Hull Fair when it was open. I wanted to get pictures on a night and also during the day when the fair was open. But it didn’t go as planned because it used to get dark really early.

The third photograph is coloured because if I made it black and white we won’t be able to see the blue sky which I really like. I didn’t do this one black and white because I didn’t want to lose the natural look of the photograph.  The songs lyrics I used here was “yes come on sister lets go” as you can see in this photograph got a man pointing at the ride and telling a women to take that ride which goes with the lyrics.

The fourth photograph I looked at was of a man selling teddy bears and the lyrics I used for this one was “when we’re together were always having fun” which means  that the other man is talking to his women saying what he feels when he is in Hull Fair with her.

The fifth photograph was coloured as well and it was a mid-shot of a child’s rides and the lyrics I used here was “so, 1, 2, 3, GOO!. These lyrics represents kids love Hull Fair and put an emotional connection between Hull Fair and children.

My sixth photograph is a bit different to others because it is photograph of people selling food which is a major part of Hull Fair is to earn money. And the lyric for this one was “it’s always so fun with you and me” which means food is important and a part of having fun.

The seventh and the ninth were similar to the third one but with different lyrics.

The eight one was one of my best photograph I took because I love it when the rides are blurry and the people stood near it are not. And I also added the lyrics in it.

Then I went back to Hull Fair when it closed to get some photographs of the rides being taken down. The last one is similar to the first one just to put an interesting effect on the story I just repeated what I did for the first one.


Overall, my photos worked well and went to plan. However, I encountered a few difficulties throughout the project.

It was difficult to get the photograph the way I wanted them to be because the rides were moving really fast and it was giving me a bad blurry effect which I didn’t like. I made some unplanned changes to my photographs like experimenting in Photoshop putting effects on them. But I changed them back again at the end because it destroyed the natural look of it.

Aly & AJ : Having Fun- Lyrics

AJ: come on now
Aly: you know you can do it all you have to do is try!
AJ: YA come on sis lets go!

Aly: When wer’e together were always havin fun
AJ: So 1,2,3GO
Both: Fun Fun Fun it’s always so fun with u and me Fun Fun Fun lets go back to the way its supposed to be!

Aly: Ya Ya
AJ: To the way its supposed to be-e

Both: fun fun FUN!!!

Here are my 10 images:

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