Digital Media Content Creation 3

The purpose of this module was to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes. Our aim was to put production techniques into practice in Clint related scenarios. We worked as a group on a live project called Northern torch. We explored futures technology in context of client briefs and attained further understanding of audience and context. By working on a live project I‘ve broaden my specialist knowledge and understanding and related this to an employment-style situation. I worked professionally throughout the project and worked hard to maintain contact with my interviewee.

Our group blog:

northern torch website:


In this evaluation I want to evaluate that my aim to this group project was to develop a news portal based on the 2012 London Olympiad and give an overview of Hull Cultural Olympiad 2012 activity.  As Digital Media students my aim was to present work not only fulfils the client brief but also demonstrates my awareness of future technology and contemporary storytelling technique. I was also provided with an interviewee called Mitch Upfold and my aim was to use this contact as the base for creating the content for my news portal. I am also going to write about my personal progress; my strength and weaknesses.

What I have learned throughout this time were; that it isn’t easy to get an audience to a website. You have to work very hard, carry out successful planning and do loads of research to get it going.

The techniques I used throughout this project were; to inform the audience and pre- qualify them. The second technique was to get my audiences to click in my URL link.

My audiences will get attracted to my news portal if my website looks knowledgeable and is up to date this will automatically get traffic to my website.

The reason I know why my techniques have been appropriate and effective is because my content only has been online for 4 days and I already seeing progress. For example my targeted audiences are commenting on my content.

Any skills that I have used before would be writing short and simple. There is no need to write extensive article to confuse people. Successful articles generally are about 300 words so I would follow that rule. I wrote my article in clear simple language so that everybody understands and my content need to be up to date so my audiences can easily use my content to help solve a question or a problem they might have.

The person who influenced me during this time was Mitch Upfold. After interviewing him I got a strong passion about journalism and I wanted to get a job like him. I got the ideas of writing about Ping Pong and Get Set after the formal elements used my Mitch Upfold in his interview to convey and express my ideas in my head.  The message I would give to the audience from my work would be to click on the link I provide in my article to provide more traffic.

My project has been done successfully. The reason why it has been successful is because we worked well in a group, we did sufficient planning and loads of research to get this news portal together.

My personal progress was I became confident and I had planned sufficiently for my work to enable me to achieve my goals.  I became positive and I knew how to improve my performance in most circumstances.

I would say my strength would be working as a team. I like brainstorming working in groups. I would say doing independent research would be my strength because I like visiting different places and finding new information. My progress was I went to the library to get some books for research which was very useful and important. My weakness was I found it hard to use wordpress.

The problem I faced was my interview got cancelled on the 29th November because of the terrible weather. I rearranged it to the 9th December at 3.30 downstairs in the culture area; me, Ahmad and Michelle got the camera set up and waited for about an hour but Mitch Upfold didn’t turn up. So the simplest way I could have done my interview was via email because I didn’t want to miss my deadline.

If I could change anything I would change my topic (Cultural Olympiad) and do something different.  Like do an internship for Vogue and interview some designers and make a fashion news portal.

To get a better grade my work needs to be accurately deployed. My work needs excellent grasp of theoretical conceptual elements.  My work needs to have good integration of theory and information in pursuit of the assessed work objectives.


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