Digital Media Content Creation 4

The aim was to produce a video.

I visited Bishop Burton College on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 because Humber Sports Partnership required a series of first person video report that demonstrates participation in sports. The sport I chose was fencing. The reason why I visited Bishop Burton College was because it was an Olympic Pentathlon games going on which gave me an opportunity to make a video about fencing.  The Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon was first established at the 5th Olympiad in Stockholm in 1912 and includes the modern sports of fencing, shooting, swimming, running and horse riding. I also did some research about what is fencing? I found out fencing is a family duel sports using bladed weapons.

 After the research I wrote down my interview question and shot list so I can send it to Chris Warkup. I filmed young kids putting on their defensive jackets and masks; then they warmed- up for the fencing; next was they did some practice and proper fencing. After the fencing session we interviewed Ann Marshall the regional development officer for Yorkshire said: “By organising regular regional training at Bishop Burton College we can bring in world-class coaches for weekend or mid-week sessions and the athletes can train together as pentathletes rather than single-discipline athletes, which will benefit them enormously.

 “The training camp which is planned for the summer will give regular athletes a concentrated opportunity to train in all five sports and will also be open to athletes from other parts of the country.”

After the interview I asked the fencing teacher to go through the basic moves of fencing which was really good and useful. And he suggested that when you learn to fence you are learning a sport that is fast and furious. You will find your overall fitness will improve in time; and your reaction times will improve too.

Test videos before i made the fencing video.

boxing video link:

handbag video link:


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