Reflective log

Reflective Log

Monday, 31st January 2011

First we started with what our new semester brief was then we got our ideas done for our self initiated project which were:

  • Magazine like: tenfootcity or the journal
  • Newspaper like: hull daily mail
  • Photography
  • Hull design agencies
  • Art galleries
  • Make a wix website

We also went through the good and bad points about northern torch website. And multi media journalism.

Tuesday, 1st Feb 2011

Today all the DMJ students had a workshop on language and structure by a Sixth Form College teacher David Green.  He went through grammar (sentence level analysis). He said grammar focuses on word order as a way of expressing meaning and providing particular effects on the intended audience and in keeping with the writer’s purpose and context.

Sentence types (different sentence structure patterns):

  • A minor sentence – Does not include a main verb or follow a classical pattern
  • A simple sentence – Consists of a one subject and predicate formation
  • A compound sentence – Consists of at least two main clauses of equal value
  • A complex sentence – Consists of at least one main clause and one dependent clause

Other grammatical features:

  • Active and passive voice – The voice of a verb has to do with whether or not the subject of a sentence acts upon something else or whether the subject is acted upon.
  • Modal auxiliary verbs – Helping verbs which always go before a main verb.
  • Parenthesis –  Bracketing off words, phrases, clauses using hyphens, commas or brackets

He suggested a book called Discover Grammar by David Crystal and told us to Google internet of grammar

Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

Today we had a video editing workshop with Gay. He tasked us to make a 40 sec video of his choice of footage and a piece of interview. The footage was about boxing and the coach was Mike Bromby.  I started with using the audio which was (beautiful day by U2) I then put the voice over on the top of it; to show what my video is about.  I then moved on and added footage of people warming up for boxing and the coach leading them. Next I was told to put my video in order which was:

1. Voice over (10 sec)

2. Interview (10 sec)

3. Voice over (10 sec)

4. Interview (10 sec)

And the song playing all along the video.  Mark Williams also went through out feedback sheets for CATS. I continued editing my video and my audio till it was appropriate.

Thursday, 3rd Feb 2011

First thing we did today was to go through camera angles for example tilt, pan, zoom, close-up, mid-shot, medium shoot, long shot, wide shot etc. I did some research about personal profile on YouTube. Then we were tasked to make up a video of our personal profile. My personal profile was about Victoria Moore. We planned and bullet pointed our ideas together and got the idea of show her personality by what is in her handbag. We started filming in different angles and exported the footage on Mac’s.

Friday, 4th Feb 2011

Today I started with editing my handbag footage but after trying to put my video together for at least two hours I decided to redo my video footage and this time I won’t add audio to it. After my filming I edited the whole video as a new version. After that I was tasked to look at different type of interview videos and look at the camera angles. We went through export and import a video and how to put the video on YouTube. We also learned how to make the size of the video smaller.

Monday, 07 February 2011

Today my aim was to make contact with potential clients for my self-initiated project. First I started with going through yellow pages and I found 4 organisations for my self- initiated project which were:

  1. Paul Baker a Photographer: Tel: 01482 890185
  2. The Deep: Tel: 01482 381000, email:
  3. Antiques and art dealers, Roger Bloom Antiques Tel: 01482 656420
  4. Fashion show event organisers, Allix company Tel: 01482 574500

Then my task was to email them so I can get an understanding of what they want me to do.

Monday, 14th February 2011

Today I attended a lesson where Emma Massey did a session with us which were very interesting.

BBC presenter and video journalist EMMA MASSEY

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Presentation (Self initiated project)

Wrote the brief

Updated my blog (goals)

Presentations should be a minimum of 10 minute.

I needed to present:

  • A succinct ‘pitch’ of your self-initiated project, including PowerPoint (or PowerPoint equivalent)
  • The brief that you have created for your self-initiated project (can be included in PowerPoint)
  • Entries in your self-initiated projects ‘project blog’. (can be included in PowerPoint)

Thursday 24th February 2011

First thing I did today was to Email Linda martin and do some research. After doing my research and waiting for my reply I updated my blog (abstract).


Updated my blog (abstract)

Monday 28th February 2011

Did some research about The Deep. Then I went to see Linda Martin in The Deep because she was not responding to my emails. Took some pictures outside The Deep. Then I had to change my client because she refused to meet me.

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

I wrote the new brief for hull sailing club

Emailed John Medland to ask that I can redo hull sailing club website

And he said yes

Monday, 7th march

First we met Chris Warkup from the Humber Sports Partnership because he came in to talk to us about re-opportunities to film and photograph the sporting activities. Related to (northern torch)

We decided:

Victoria- shooting

Ahmed- boxing

Mich- horsing

Me- fencing

Then I had a meeting with my client.

Meeting John Medland for discussion how he wants the website to look, I presented my proposal. He said he want to have social network, maps and a gallery in his website. I can change the logo; I am going to put a slide-show instead of video in the main page.

Monday, 7th March 2011

I decided that I am going to use the platform for redesigning Hull Sailing Club. I made my navigations.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I started planning and drawing ideas for my new logo.


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