Self Initiated Project

The purpose of this project was to independently research our own area of particular interest, and to structure a project with a clear vision of function and purpose.

My aim was to design and produce a website for Hull Sailing Club using as my platform. The website must have a suitable interface design and look and feel for the chosen content. The website should demonstrate clear application on website principles this should touch on information architecture and usability conventions. Using basic navigation and layout techniques. I am also going to write 2 articles to give my work a journalist touch as well.

My website:

This is a link to my blog :

This management plan will include:

  • Statement of Intention
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Grantt Chart
  • Breakdown of roles and responsibility
  • A Risk Assessment
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution and Control
  • Closing

Statement of Intention  


My purpose is to redesign Hull Sailing Club website for John Medland because he wants his website to look better then before. I will use as my platform to build the website. The website must have a suitable interface design and look and feel for the chosen content.


SMART Targets (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely)

  • Specific:

The client wants me to redesign his new interactive website by May (2011)

  • Measurable:

I would start with researching other sailing club websites, then planning and the finish would be making the website on

  • Agreed:

John Medland has to agree on the tasks objectives raised before I start the website to make sure everything is clear so the tasks could be performed and meets its aims (The task would be o the work breakdown structure section)

  • Realistic:

What is my budget: there is an undefined budget so I can use the best facilities to redesign Hull Sailing Club website

When will the website be complete by: deadline 10th May 11

  • Timely:

For this project I have been given time scale for about 10 weeks and from those 10 weeks there are 10 working days, where there is 1 working day with 8 hours per day with a total of 80 hours.


Knowing this website needs to be done by 10th May 2011 and it’s a self initiated project there is a huge question of do I have enough time management skills to meet my deadline? As well as, if I do finish my portfolio of work on time; will I be able to present my individual presentation on time? By given an extension I would finish my portfolio but I will miss my deadline and; if I look at the client’s timeframe this is not possible because he wants his website to run smoothly online by 10th May 2011. Other issues would be like I don’t have web design skills which will restrict me for doing my best in redesigning an interactive website. The platform I used to make Hull Sailing Club website was new for me; which would limit me because I don’t know how to use moonfruit. The issues working in college would be that the Mac machines and the internet would not work half of the time which could restrict me doing my work on time. The noise level is also an issue because it will distract me from working. Another issue would be the screen display is different on every technologies items e.g. iPhones, iPads, Mac’s and computers so I would require to do more research to be able to meet my aim. The last issue would be that I have 80 hours to do my website which might not be enough because I have other projects to do as well.



If I want to meet my deadline I have to work more then usual e.g. work hard and faster. If I don’t have web design skills I have to learn them by attending web design lessons. If moonfruit is new do loads of research and ask for help if needed. If college Mac and internet doesn’t work, do work at home. If the place is too noisy go to the library which is a quiet place. Make sure you research before hand so you know how it would display in different technology items. I need to give priority to all my work so all my work is completed on time.



Work Breakdown Structure



My aim is to design and produce a website for Hull Sailing Club using as my platform. The website must have a suitable interface design and look and feel for the chosen content.


To meet the aim some objective needs to be met which will define the projects requirements which are to redesign website and write two articles related to Hull Sailing Club.


For this project the target would be to use Moonfruit and redesign an interactive website and write two articles.

Website tasks:

  1. Upload all  images from the previous website to the new one and (put them in order)
  2. Make all the buttons ( Home, Newsletter, Gallery, Events, Contact, Links, Humber)
  3. Write content for ( my articles)
  4. Design the logo (research, plan then design)
  5. Chose colours for the website
  6. Design the website
  7. Make slideshows for Home page
  8. Research
  9. Plan ( Logo, layouts)

Article tasks:

  1. Research (the clipper and Ellen MacArthur)
  2. Plan ( I need an intro, middle and an end)
  3. Draft ( the articles)
  4. Final ( write the final article)

Grantt chart:

The purpose of Grantt chart is to break a large project into a series of smaller tasks in an organised way.

Breakdown of Roles and responsibilities for this project:

Stakeholders: stakeholders are who are actively involved on the project or has the interest of the project to succeed which are me and my client John Medland.

Customers: john Medland is going to be described as the client/ customer where he is the one who wants my support for redesigning his website.

Project manager: I am the project manager because this is a self initiated project

Contractors: I would do the tasks so my project is successful.

Owner: John Medland is the owner of Hull Sailing Club website

Project sponsor:   John Medland is the one who is going to spend money to buy the website of moonfruit so he is the sponsor.

Risk Assessment:

This is to check if the risks are high or low and how to avoid them.


Probability Impact
0 Very Unlikely No Impact
1 Unlikely Minor Impact
2 Possible Problematic
3 Likely Major Impact
4 Very Likely Catastrophic
Risks ID Risks Probability Impact Affect of the risks and Contingency Plan
1 Illness Not able to do the work; since its a website I could do   it at home
2 Time consuming Not finish it on time; do 3 hour work everyday
3 Website itself not approved If it is not approved by my client then the design and   layout needs to be remade to the clients expectations
4 Website requirement changes
5 Server damage Whole website will become inactive; make multiple  back- up plans so I can re-upload
6 Natural   disaster e.g. lightning strikes The   server will get destroyed; use power-surge protector


In this evaluation I want to evaluate that my aim to this self initiated project was to produce an interactive website suitable for its intended audience.

My aim is to redesign a website for a Hull Sailing Club using as my platform and write 2 articles related to that area. The website must have a suitable interface design and look and feel for chosen content. The website should demonstrate clear application on web design principles this should touch on information architecture and usability conventions. Using basic navigation and layout techniques.

My client was called John Medland. I am going to write about my personal progress; my strength and weaknesses.

What I have learned throughout this time were; that it isn’t easy to get an audience to a website. You have to work very hard, carry out successful planning and do loads of research to get it going.

The techniques I used throughout this project were; focus on the audience and give them priority. The second technique was to get my navigation perfect and useable.

To get my audience attracted to hull sailing club is by keeping it simple because cutting out the overloaded adverts and clutter on a website can make the primary message easily understood by the consumers.

The reason I know why my techniques have been appropriate and effective is because my client was very happy with the new outcome and wanted to show his community his fresh Hull Sailing Club website.

Any skills that I have used before would be writing short and simple. There is no need to write extensive article to confuse people. Successful articles generally are about 300 words so I would follow that rule. I wrote my article in clear simple language so that everybody understands and my content need to be up to date so my audiences can easily use my content to help solve a question or a problem they might have.

The person who influenced me during this time was Sally Bentley. After attending some of her lessons she taught me how to make a successful website and showed me different platforms to use apart from Wix.

The message I would give to the audience would be comment on my website and tell me what is good and bad about it.

My project has been done successfully. The reason why it has been successful is because I worked as an individual and did sufficient planning and loads of research to get this website together.  I did not have a problem of people not turning up and wasting time

My personal progress was I became confident and I had planned sufficiently for my work to enable me to achieve my goals.  I became positive and I knew how to improve my performance in most circumstances.

I would say my strength would be working as an individual because then you got everything in control and you have fewer problems.

I would say doing independent research would be my strength because I like visiting different places and finding new information. My progress was I went to the library to get some books for research which was very useful and important. My weakness was I found it hard to write my article in the right manner.

The problem I faced was I wanted to make audio slide show about sharks in The Deep which never happened because they never emailed me back.  Second problem was I wanted to email – interview Ellen MacArthur but she didn’t have time so I had to drop the idea of writing an article about her. The third problem was

I didn’t have enough time to make my 15 minute presentation.

If I could change anything I would change my topic (Hull Sailing Club) and do something different.  Like do a website for Vogue and write articles about fashion and beauty.

To get a better grade my work needs to be accurately deployed. My work needs excellent grasp of theoretical conceptual elements.  My work needs to have good integration of theory and information in pursuit of the assessed work objectives.


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